Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tyler Motte

Play-By-Play: Tyler
Player Type: 2 Way
Position: Center
Jersey Number: 64
Pro Team: Chicago
Year Drafted: 2013
Salary: $0.925M
Contract Type: 2 Way
Contract Length: 3 Years
Handedness: Left
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 192
Fighter: Never
Birthday: March 10, 1995
Birthplace: Sarnia, MI (St. Clair is not an option)

Head: 159
Eye Color: Light Blue
Eye Brow Style: 1
Eye Brow Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: 41
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Beard Style: Patchy (Current Length 1)
Beard Color: Dark Brown

Helmet: Bauer RE-AKT 100
Ear Guards: Off
Visor: Straight
Visor Tint: Clear
Shoulder Pads:
Jersey Tuck: None
Gloves: CCM 30K
Stick: CCM Ribcor Reckoner
Shaft Tape: Short (W)
Blade Tape: Small Toe (W)
Pant Length: Short
Sock Tuck: Back
Sock Tape: Knee Glossy Transparent
Skates: Bauer Supreme 1S
Laces: White
Blade Holder: White
Skate Guards: None

Goal Celebration: 30

Potential Range: Top 9 F
Potential Accuracy: Medium
Speed: 93
Body Checking: 68
Endurance: 80
Puck Control: 85
Passing: 85
Slap Shot Power: 75
Slap Shot Accuracy: 75
Wrist Shot Power: 79
Wrist Shot Accuracy: 85
Agility: 94
Strength: 66
Acceleration: 92
Balance: 76
Faceoffs: 80
Durability: 88
Deking: 84
Aggressiveness: 74
Poise: 80
Hand-Eye: 83
Shot Blocking: 86
Offensive Awareness: 86
Defensive Awareness: 76
Discipline: 83
Fighting Skill: 54
Stick Checking: 76
Overall: 76


  1. Why is his shot blocking only at 74. He lead all forwards in the United States with shot blocks. It's ok if you didn't know but I'm just saying that it probably should be 78 at least

    1. Nope, had never heard that in any of his scouting reports & never have seen him live. I'll look at editing him.

  2. Did you know that Tyler Motte was one of the best penalty killers last year, and to be honest, I've seen him kill penalties, and his Def. awareness and stick checking are a little bit low. Also, he scored 32 goals 24 assists on the most productive line in the NCAA, and he should have a heck of a shot to get 32 goals and be a Hobie-Baker award finalist.

    1. Once he starts playing adults in the NHL, I'll look at editing him. For right now, I'm not making him the second coming of Jesus just because you're a Hawks fan & feel that every stat for the Hawks players should be Crosby-esque.

    2. I'm sorry I'm kinda pressuring you, I just want everything to be right, and I think that if you have the same input as me, then it's right

  3. Hockey's future has Motte as a medium top six forward