Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sean Kuraly

Play-By-Play: N/A
Player Type: 2 Way
Position: Center
Jersey Number: 52
Pro Team: Boston
Drafted By: San Jose
Year Drafted: 2011
Salary: $0.810M
Contract Type: 2 Way
Contract Length: 2 Years
Handedness: Left
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205
Fighter: Rarely
Birthday: January 20, 1993
Birthplace: Dublin, OH

Head: 78
Eye Color: Green
Eye Brow Style: 1
Eye Brow Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: 21
Hair Color: Light Brown
Beard Style: Patchy (Current 1, Playoff 2)
Beard Color: Light Brown

Helmet: CCM V10
Ear Guards: Off
Visor: Straight
Visor Tint: Clear
Shoulder Pads: Big
Gloves: Bauer Vapor 1X
Stick: Bauer Nexus 1N
Shaft Tape: Short (B)
Blade Tape: No Toe (W)
Pant Length: Short
Sock Tuck: Back
Sock Tape: Knee Ankle Glossy Transparent
Skates: Bauer Vapor 1X
Laces: White
Blade Holder: White
Skate Guards: None

Goal Celebration: 30

Potential Range: Bottom 6 F
Potential Accuracy: Medium
Speed: 83
Body Checking: 83
Endurance: 80
Puck Control: 80
Passing: 79
Slap Shot Power: 81
Slap Shot Accuracy: 75
Wrist Shot Power: 82
Wrist Shot Accuracy: 80
Agility: 83
Strength: 80
Acceleration: 83
Balance: 82
Faceoffs: 78
Durability: 82
Deking: 80
Aggressiveness: 88
Poise: 75
Hand-Eye: 82
Shot Blocking: 78
Offensive Awareness: 78
Defensive Awareness: 76
Discipline: 72
Fighting Skill: 76
Stick Checking: 74
Overall: 73

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